WebODF already has come a long way. But there are many things we want to do. This page lists a number of features that we would like to see in WebODF. Everyone can contribute to the feature list by filling them in our issue tracker feature request. This page tries to give a very rough overview of our plans.

Short term

We are currently working on:

  • improving editing experience in general
  • fixing up annotations
  • programmatic API for document manipulation
  • more direct-formatting features

Slightly less short term

After that we hope to do this (unless you beat us to it):

  • better real-time collaboration
  • image manipulation
  • 100% closure-compiler coverage
  • Support for variables and fields

What else / Longer term

  • Support for different objects like: SVG, ODF, Various video formats
  • Decent Spreadsheet support
  • Support for OpenFormula
  • Support for legacy spreadsheet formula's
  • Support for headers, footers, footnotes