Desktop Summit 2011

The communities of KDE and GNOME join in Berlin this summer for the Desktop Summit. The event will take place from the sixth to twelveth of August 2011. There will be a session about using WebODF in desktop applications and websites.

ODF Plugfest Berlin

The ODF Plugfest is an event where implementors of various office suites and other software that works with OpenDocument Format, meet. This time, the German government is hosting the event and shows support for this important open standard.

WebODF will be represented along with Calligra, OpenOffice and Lotus Symphony. Topics include tables in presentations, RDF and text layout.

Zarafa Summercamp 2011, June 30 - July 1

Zarafa now has a WebODF plugin. WebODF is gaining momentum. At the Zarafa Summit 2011 Jos' WebODF plugin for Zarafa was mentioned by the first keynote speaker, even though the plugin has only be added 15 days ago. The first version of the WebODF plugin for Zarafa can be downloaded here. At the Summerschool, Jos explained how to write a plugin for the Zarafa WebApp. WebODF was used as an example, which resulted in a plugin that can display office documents, which have been sent or recieved via email, in the browser.

NLUUG Voorjaarsconferentie 2011, May 12

Cloud computing without selling your soul? A talk from the creator of WebODF on how WebODF can help keep your information integrity and still be able to use all the advantages the cloud can offer.

FOSDEM 2011 talk and interview, February 5-6

FOSDEM Interview: Jos van den Oever, the creator of WebODF talks about bringing the ODF format to the web. Here we find out what Jos has planned next for WebODF.

ISoc 2010/2011 New Years Event

How to get down with WebODF! Jos van den Oever gives hands-on demo on how to write an Android application using WebODF or add WebODF to your website in a heart-beat.