ownCloud Documents

ownCloud and WebODF

ownCloud Documents uses WebODF

ownCloud 6 which is released today as beta 1 presents "ownCloud Documents". What is that? It is real-time collaborative editing based on WebODF technology.

In a joint effort between the ownCloud project and the WebODF team at KO GmbH these two technologies were combined to create a product for document collaboration completely based on free software.

With Collaborative Document Editing, ownCloud users can now work together on the same document at the same time. This server component and access control makes ownCloud into a hub not only for file management but also for document management.

"ownCloud and the WebODF technology fit perfectly into each other," said Frank Karlitschek, CTO and co-founder of ownCloud Inc. "ownCloud provides the server framework and WebODF provides the document manipulation. Together they further the ownCloud vision of a self-controlled free and open source cloud." Visit Frank's blog and be sure to checkout this video demonstrating ownCloud Documents.